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Marazion Angling Club St Erth Lake

Marazion Angling Club

Coarse fishing in an idyllic Cornish setting

Marazion Angling Club manages a unique coarse fishing lake in St Erth, Cornwall. The long narrow lake runs alongside the River Hayle in a peaceful woodland setting and it's stocked with a wide variety of species including roach, perch bream, F1's, crucians, plus a big stock of mirror and common carp to 20lbs. Our lake offers a great day on the bank for anglers of all ages and hosts matches for both carp and 'silver' fish anglers every other Sunday.

For more info on our prices and fishery rules, see the FAQs below. As of Spring 2023, you can now buy day tickets online using our page on the Clubmate app!

Match Results

Silvers Match

Sunday August 27th 2023

Match Report by Mike Carney:

15 degrees and cloudy with short showers.


1st place - Chris Wake 16lbs 2oz

Using 12m pole a bag of mainly skimmers of a nice size on pellet and corn on the right hand edge of the lily pad in front of peg 25.

2nd place - Philip Kay 15lbs

Using a 10ft match rod a good mix of skimmers and roach on a method feeder 20 meters directly in front of peg 9.

3rd place - Clive Lewis 9lbs

Mixed bag of roach and skimmers to the left margin and 10 yards in front of peg 21 using feeder rod and corn and pellet.

4th place - Dean Roberts 8lbs 2oz

Roach and skimmers using his custom paste on peg 23 in the left margin.

5th place - Pete Edgecombe 5lbs 14oz

Using a WSB GR8 Feeder rod method feeding with ground bait and pellet 10 yards in front of peg 1.

6th place - Bob Macnee 4lbs 9oz

Mixed using a short pole with soft pellet 10m in front of peg 29.

7th place - Stuart Main 8oz

Skimmer method feeder and corn 10m in front of peg 27.

8th place - Steve Macmahon

Unfortunately did not catch on peg 5.

The prizes today of Magna Trax baits supplied by WSB Tackle selling fishing tackle and supplies to the trade through Chris at Newtown Angling. Thank you for your continued support. Also a big thanks to Jan for presenting our excellent venue in all its glory.

MAC Carp Match Aug 13th 2023.jpeg

Match Dates

  • Singles Summer League 2023
    Singles Summer League 2023
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 24 Sept
    Saint Erth
    24 Sept, 10:00 – 16:00
    Saint Erth, St Erth, Hayle TR27, UK
    24 Sept, 10:00 – 16:00
    Saint Erth, St Erth, Hayle TR27, UK
    Singles Summer League 20123 dates are listed below. Sun 30th April Sun 28th May Sun 25th June Sun 30th July Sun 27th Aug Sun 24th Sep Draw at 9am / Fish 10am-4pm All taking place at our St Erth fishery.
  • Summer Carp Matches 2023
    Summer Carp Matches 2023
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 08 Oct
    Saint Erth
    08 Oct, 12:00 – 18:00
    Saint Erth, St Erth, Hayle TR27, UK
    08 Oct, 12:00 – 18:00
    Saint Erth, St Erth, Hayle TR27, UK
    Summer Carp Matches 2023: Fish 12 - 6pm at our St Erth fishery.

Match Rules

All Those Participating in MAC Matches Should Read These Rules

MAC Carp Match Rules

MAC Silver Match Rules

St Erth Lake Upgrades

Stabilised Banks, Brand New Accessible Pegs, Wheelchair Portaloo & more!

The Work Parties

Out with the old!

Our fishery manager Jan has been leading work parties since 2022 to stabilise the undercut banks and upgrade the pegs, to make them safe and accessible for all ages and abilities. Coil rolls have stabilised the banks throughout the lake and the old rotten timber and materials were removed from the pegs.


The Improvements

In with the new!

Anyone would agree that the transformation over the last 18 months has been dramatic and the St Erth lake now has stable banks and 31 brand new pegs with flat, stable, spacious, solid and non-slip surfaces to fish comfortably from. Plus there's also a brand new wheelchair accessible portaloo!

There's also been fallen trees removed, car park and lane pothole filling, snag and waste removal, water surveying and a thousand and one other tasks that our work teams have done recently.

Jan has documented the huge amount of work involved on our Facebook Group page and a quick scroll through the photos will reveal the extent of all the effort to make it safe and accessible for all anglers. Many thanks to all our voluntary work party members for all their sterling work in any weather, all year long.


Our snaps of some this year's work ...

Fishery Manager


Jan Bowden

At the 2022 AGM, Jan Bowden officially became MAC's fishery manager and looks after the venue on a daily basis to make sure the fish and venue are cared for, check day tickets and membership and generally be on hand to provide advice and occasionally a little bit of tuition based on his years as an experienced carp angler.  Speaking of fish care, if you're not sure about how to handle any carp you catch, watch this ...


EA Survey

Water Testing, Fish Ageing & Habitat Surveying

Anglers at our lake may occasionally notice that some surveying work is underway. This won’t affect access or angling in any way, but we feel it is really important to understand more about the environment and habitats at our venue. In 2022 a habitat, invertebrate and water quality survey was conducted, together with a fish ageing survey, where scales from 96 fish at the venue were taken and the Environment Agency analysed these and published the first report. Click on the Read More button to download this first report regarding the age of the fish in the lake.


Since then regular water quality tests, including PH, phosphates, nitrates, turbidity, temperature, and TDS levels are monitored. In addition, the EA have recently provided the club with a dissolved oxygen meter, part of the proceeds from anglers’ EA licence fees, so that accurate dissolved oxygen levels can be monitored during any long, hot, periods.


The aim is to create a baseline of data about the lake, to help the committee make informed decisions when considering stocking levels and water quality. The process may also enable the club to access future support from the EA.

Aerial View on YouTube

Our innovative bailiff and crafty carp catcher, Jan has just made another great capture with this amazing aerial footage of our St Erth venue using his drone


Prices & Rules For Our Fisheries

Where is the lake?

Our club lake is tucked away down a single track road in St Erth called Little Mill Lane, which is a left turn just before the river bridge, when approaching from the A30 side of the village. The postcode for the fishery is TR27 6HJ. Please bear residents in mind and keep your speed to 10mph down this track. Keep following this track until you reach the car park at the end.

How much is it to fish?

Day tickets for our lake at St Erth are £7. You can pay online or in the following shops: 

- West Cornwall Angling (Penzance)

- Anglers Den (Hayle)

- St Erth Village Post Office

* Please note, day tickets are no longer available from Newtown Angling (as of July 2023.)

To buy online, please use the website or app called Clubmate.

If you've not used Clubmate before, simply enter your name and email address and you'll be sent a confirmation link to your inbox. Click on the link in the email and you will be an MAC Clubmate member, following which you can make an online booking using the App or the website.

Click here to download the Clubmate app from the Apple iOS store

Click here to download the Clubmate app from the Google Android store

Fishing is only permitted with either a valid day ticket or membership card and the bailiff may ask you to confirm that you have either a day or season ticket. See below for additional night fishing rules.

How do I become a member of Marazion Angling Club?

As our lake is a relatively small venues, membership is limited. For availability enquiries, message our Facebook Group or email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to inform you whether season tickets are available, or if not, whether you'd like to be added to our waiting list. 


Membership Prices (2023):

£70 Per year

£60 OAPs / Disabled

£60 Out of county anglers

£40 Students (16-19)

£25 Juniors (under 16)

What are the fishery rules?

  • All anglers must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence, which may be checked by club bailiffs.

  • Day tickets for our lake are valid from dawn 'til dusk.

  • All must dip their nets & slings in the black tank by the gate to protect our stock from disease.

  • Fish from existing pegs only.

  • If the lake is busy with anglers opposite, do not cast beyond half-way out into their water.

  • Maximum of 2 rods per angler.

  • All hooks must be barbless and no bigger than a size 8.

  • Max of 12lbs line (but carp anglers should use a min of 8lbs in Summer when fishing near lilies).

  • No leadcore, leaders or braid mainline and carp anglers must use safe rigs.

  • Max of 1 kilo bait per day session.

  • No surface baits, no nuts & no cat or dog meat.

  • No spinning, jigging, live or deadbaiting and no lures.

  • No keepnets, unless you hold an annual membership or have entered a silvers match.

  • Carp must not be put into keep nets.

  • All carp anglers must have an unhooking mat and a minimum of 36" specimen landing net.

  • No carp sacks, fish to be retained only as long as it takes to weigh and photograph the fish.

  • No rods to be left unattended.

  • No fish to be removed or stocked.

  • No fires or BBQs.

  • No drugs or alcohol. 

  • No loud radios or speakers (use headphones if necessary).

  • No littering and do not discard line on the bank. Please report any lost gear in the lake.

  • Respect all our fish, birds and all wildlife at our lake.

  • No dogs or dog walkers round the lake.

  • For specific rules relating to MAC matches, please see the match rules section (above). All anglers intending to take part in MAC matches must read these rules beforehand.

  • All members should read the MAC Members Documents including the Members Code of Conduct, MAC Risk Assessment and MAC Work Party Risk Assessment that can be accessed at the bottom of this website.

  • The bailiff's and committee reserve the right to ask people to leave if they fail to abide by these rules and persistent offenders will be banned.

Is night fishing permitted?

From 1st July 2023, night fishing is permitted at our lake for annual members who have purchased a night fishing ticket in advance via Clubmate at £5 per night. Only 6 members may night fish at any one time with a maximum stay of 48 hours in any one week. Night anglers must be either over 18 or accompanied by an adult if under 18.


Night fishing is only permitted from the 6 double swims (pegs 1&2 / 4&5 / 13&14 / 15&16 / 17&18 / 20&21) and the surrounding path must not be blocked by bivvies or equipment. Do not night fish from pegs 22 down towards the car park as the bank is too narrow. To avoid disturbing local residents who live on the access lane, do not drive down the lane after dark and no food deliveries are permitted.

Is there access for disabled anglers?

Yes there are 2 specially designed wheelchair accessible flat pegs at the entrance to our lake that are for priority use by disabled anglers, but may be used by others if there are no disabled anglers present. There are also allocated car parking spaces for those with blue disabled badges right by the fishery entrance gate, plus a new wheelchair access portaloo toliet (see below).

What other facilities are there?

There is a new wheelchair access portaloo toilet by the entrance gate with hand sanitisers. Please think of other users when using this facility. There is a generous car park for anglers. Please park sensibly and avoid blocking others or entrance to the lane or fishery.

What are the best methods?

Carp anglers should try the productive margins or around the lily and reed beds with small patches of bait. Float fished prawn is popular with our perch anglers with bread, maggot, pellet, corn and boiles effective for most species.

What events do Marazion Angling Club run?

Marazion Angling Club hold matches on the lake every other Sunday, when half the lake will be reserved. See the matches section above for dates and further info, plus we will post on both our coarse and carp matches on our Facebook page. Members are also invited to help with our weekly work parties on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and the club AGM is open to members to attend in the Star Inn pub, St Erth.

Marazion Angling Club

MAC Members Documents

On becoming a member, please read the documents below ...

Members Code Of Conduct

MAC Risk Assessment

Work Party Risk Assessment

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